PRAGA Piccolo til Cadett Mini og Junior samt Rotax Micro

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wheelbase of 900 | 950 | 1010 mm

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Chassis that makes the difference

Different solution for different categories
Derived from the floating and ventilated brakes used on the KZ models, the braking system of the Praga “Piccolo” has been designed to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety.

Main features

“Le Mans”
Steering wheel

36 kg
Chassis weight

3.5 litre
Fuel tank

Ø25×960 mm
Ø30×5×960 mm


Technical specifications

  • Ø28 mm tubular frame made of high-strenght 25CrMo4 steel
  • MK14 bodyworks with CIK-FIA homologated supports
  • R3 hydraulic brake system, pump with oil recovery tank, Ø149 mm steel rear disc
  • top line steering system with Ø330 mm “Le Mans” steering wheel
  • 3.5 L of tank capacity
  • aluminium alloy Ø5 inches rims, 115 mm (front) – 140 mm (rear)
  • “racing mini” seat, size 1 | 2
  • Ø25 x 960 mm – Ø30 x 5 x 960 mm, S | M | H axles
  • Ø17 mm spidles with Ø8 mm kingpins
  • wheelbase of 900 | 950 | 1010 mm
  • weight of 36 Kg